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19.02.2006 chicago sun-tims: interview gillian anderson

In 2000, actors and actresses were hailed for their performances in "Traffic," "Dancer in the Dark," "Requiem for a Dream," "High Fidelity," "You Can Count on Me" and "Pollock."

But when movie reviewers voted in the Village Voice's annual critics' poll, they didn't pick any of those men or women for Best Performance.

They picked Gillian Anderson in "House of Mirth." By a mile.

"House of Mirth" was no big hit in America. So many Americans continue to think of Anderson only as alien-killing FBI Agent Dana Scully on "The X-Files," even though it wasn't even the sci-fi show that introduced Anderson to her "House of Mirth" director Terence Davies.

It was merely a photo of her face, full of "luminosity," that drew him to her, he has said. Anderson's image recalled the women of John Singer Sargent paintings. She looked perfect to play a complex role as a rise-and-fall society wannabe in his adaptation of Edith Wharton's book.

In turn, acclaim from the film turned Anderson from a TV star into ... a TV star, and nothing more. She wasn't nominated for an Oscar, though she won best actress honors from the British Independent Film Awards. She was not besieged with scripts. Not even independent-film directors called.

"It's really odd," Anderson, 37, says. "I went through this period after that where I was just in the series. The people who were in a position [to offer roles] didn't, and I don't know why."

When "X-Files" left the air in 2002, she took more time to raise a daughter, 11, with her husband in London. She took stage roles there. With "House of Mirth" to her credit, she was taken more seriously abroad, leading her to be cast in a BBC adaptation of Charles Dickens' "Bleak House," now showing as a miniseries on PBS.

"Bleak House" screenwriter Andrew Davies says it would have seemed like a gimmick to put Anderson in "Bleak House" -- as Lady Dedlock, a secretive woman with internal turmoil -- based on her "X-Files" resume.

But "Mirth" showed that she could portray both exterior weakness and inner strength. It's her "extraordinary stillness" that fills a screen powerfully and can move a viewer emotionally, Davies says.

"She doesn't appear to be doing very much, but you seem to be able to see right into her head and understand what she's feeling. On screen in particular, she has such a big personality. I was expecting her to be really quite tall. I was so surprised when I met her. She's so little and dainty."

She's 5-foot-3, to be exact. The slightly figured actress -- an alumnus of the Goodman Theatre School of Drama at DePaul -- is now earning roles in European films bearing the non-Hollywood titles of "The Last King of Scotland" and "Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story," which opened Friday in Chicago.

She may be moving on from "The X-Files," but she doesn't discount the series that earned her Emmy and Golden Globe statues.

"We did 201 episodes, and that's a lot of films, if you were to make films" out of that much material, she says. "I learned the craft of [acting] doing that series."

Since then, she's been "playing with" her body of knowledge as an actress, and performing in as many different things as possible.

"I did a Northern Irish film last year that I don't think will ever see the light of day over here called 'The Mighty Celt,' where I get to do a Belfast accent. The scripts that I get are from completely different things than what I've done previously."

For her part in "Celt," she won an audience award at the Irish Film and TV Awards. But even with the accolades, she doesn't speak of her work with the reverence others use to describe her.

"When they came to me and offered me Lady Dedlock, I was reading it, and I literally thought to myself, 'What makes them think that I can do this?' "

Anderson reserves harsh judgment for Hollywood. She calls it "soul-decaying." When pressed for details, she says, "That's a very complicated question. I would love to answer it, but I would need to be incredibly diplomatic," and leaves it at that.

"The X-Files" continues to shadow her. "At the same time I was doing a play in London," she says, "I had to record the voice for the character [Scully] in the video game" of "The X-Files." She laughs at herself. "I kept saying my lines as the character in the play and not as Scully. It took forever. We had to keep stopping, and the producer would say, 'I don't think she would say it that way.' "

Another "X-Files" movie -- a scarier one -- is in the works, if the final financial kink is cleared. Series creator Chris Carter is suing Fox over profits from the show, though the actors have settled on their contracts.

"Chris has an idea, and he's ready to write it," she says. "It's just a matter of working out the bugs."

Anderson won't be doing another TV series, though. "X-Files" took a lot out of her. "It was just exhausting. I had no life. Could you imagine? Sixteen hours a day, 51/2 days a week, nine months a year, for nine years."

Her dedication remains to the stage and movies filmed overseas, and living as half of an active couple.

"We have lots of dinner parties and go see movies and go to galleries," she says. "And I just did a film where I get raped, and I rape somebody back. I've been doing different things."

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20.2.06 13:17

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Quicktime movie

neue infos zum 2. akte x film
20.2.06 13:23

29.10.05 18:20

interview: rob bowman

stuttgart - der regisseur von einigen akte x - folgen und dem bisher einzigsten kinofilm zur serie, rob bowman, sprach k?rzlich ?ber die chancen einen zweiten film zu drehen.

in einem interview mit der internetseite ign filmforce meinte dieser, das die chancen derzeit sehr gut stehen. "ich wei? das sie ihn machen m?chten. ich sprach mit david duchovny und dieser wollte ihn genauso wie chris carter. ich denk sie arbeiten jetzt am timing," meinte rob bowman zum aktuellen stand.

doch wird er diesmal wieder regie f?hren ? "mein mitwirken ist nicht wirklich etwas was ich beeinflussen kann. und was w?rde ich sagen wenn ich gefragt w?rde, ob ich mitmachen m?chte ? ich w?rde es lieben ihn zu drehen. aber falls ich es nicht werde, kann ich es nicht abwarten ihn zu sehen, da ich wei?, das er gro?artig wird."

bowman f?gte noch folgendes hinzu: "es wird ein stand-alone film, das ich das einzigste was ich bisher mitbekommen habe. er wird nicht in die bekannte akte x - mythologie miteingebunden sein. es kann also jeder ins kino gehen und die volle ladung akte x bekommen, obwohl er noch nie von der serie geh?rt hat."

Interessant ist, das er mit keinem Wort erw?hnt, das es noch immer Probleme zwischen Chris Carter und 20th Century Fox gibt. M?glicherweise m?chte er die Fans nicht weiter beunruhigen oder er m?chte sich schlicht die Chancen den Film zu drehen, nicht zunichte machen.

quelle (?bersetzung) quelle
29.10.05 18:18

scully is back !!!

gillian anderson - vergangene woche in einer talkshow

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